I always keep an eye out for Bencini cameras. The Bencini Koroll series uses 120 and no one ever bids on them. I got mine from the UK and was the only bidder. Paid $22 for shipping here to the US

Looks like there's another one on ebay

It's a Koroll 24 with a lens cap, first time I've ever seen one with a lens cap.
Features zone focussing (in feet, thank god), f.9 or f.11 depending on the lens. One shutter speed.

The Koroll 24 and 24s were the most basic Koroll cameras that Bencini had to offer. The Koroll II, III, and S had much more features. I presonally liked the Koroll S because of it was the square format shooter of the bunch.

All Bencini cameras have pretty good lenses. They're extremely easy to repair and no one ever bids on them. I would never use "Buy it now" with bencini cameras.

Also search "Argo Camera" (without quotes) on ebay. Argo flex cameras go for cheap and sometime the Bencini Argo folding 120 camera shows up (also never has bidders).

But I think I just let the cat out of the bag on my little secret.