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I am sure that the original Olympus Pen series qualifies as one of the best 35mm Film Camera too. With today's great film quality, you can take advantage of doubling the number of frames from your normal roll of film
OMG I want one of those so bad.

Hey Wrightguy, welcome to APUG (I'm kinda new here too, though not at all new to film).

Also welcome to the satisfying world of shooting film.

I just wanted to chime in here to mention that a good question to ask might be "what film do I want to use". Film is your "sensor", and you can put the very best films into some pretty simple cameras and get amazing results!

Here are some films I recommend trying:
Kodak Tmax 3200 (pleasantly grainy Black and White film, very fast)
Kodak Portra 800 (great color film)
Ilford HP5 (you can shoot this 400 BW speed film at 1600 and get great results. just ask your photo lab to "push 2 stops")
Kodak Tri-x (also can be pushed to 1600)
Fuji Pro 400H ... maybe someone else can tell me (us) if this film can be pushed. I think it can. It has great color tones.
Ilford XP 400 Super

Also, Flickr is a great resource. Just search for a particular film, and you'll begin to get a feel for what they look like. I almost always tag my films in the photos, and there is even a group called "film database": http://www.flickr.com/groups/filmdatabase/

On a camera note, I have used extensively and can recommend:
Pentax Spotmatic w/ Super Takumar or SMC Takumar 50mm 1.4
Pentax KX, MX, or K1000 with SMC Pentax M 50mm/1.4 or 1.7
Minolta X-700 or any Minolta SRT camera with 50mm 1.4

Have fun!