About 2 years ago I was gifted a brace of Minolta AF film gear including 2 Dynax 7 bodies and a Maxxum 800si. These are the Japanese market versions, along with the 5600HS flash and 8 lenses - mainly Cosina, Tamron and Tokina. Even received a Kenko 500mm Cat lens.

Ashamed to say that I haven't used them yet as I'm mainly a Canon FD user. The user manuals for this lot are about 200 pages in all. Makes my Canon T90 look quite basic and this is perhaps why I haven't put film, through them yet. I doubt that I will use them unless I have a need for the functionality they provide that I cannot get out of the FD gear I have. Perhaps the wireless TTL flash or I may want to play with the 500mm CAT. The Tokina 100-400 zoom may be slightly tempting as my FD lenses max out at 300mm.

One thing that annoys me with the Dynax 7 bodies is the 'sticky' rubber syndrome they have both developed. What were the manufacturers thinking about when they formulated that rubbish. As I have nothing to lose I may attempt to strip it off and replace it although I'll probably have to make my own templates.

If I ever go to the dark side I could go Sony and have plenty of lenses to play with but it doesn't tempt me at the moment. A Canon A720 PS camera does the 'record keeping' type shots quite adequately.