Novar Anastigmat 75mm f:6.8 is an excellent triplet one can only find from Zeiss or original Cooke triplets.
I am investing quite good time to read optics books and that triplet is world apart from all other lenses. When you MTF test a lens , you see 3 curves wiggling on the graphics. Thats for example 20 40 60 lines per mm resolution.
If you invest 12000 dollars to an Leica Noctilux and have an MTF test , you find all 3 resolution graphs dancing like an crazy and apart from each other , this is real for %95 of all lenses.
Triplets and Leica Telyts are strange animals and all 3 resolution curves are like an good amp curve , all three are at the highest resolution and they are on each others curve. I mean , 3 curves are at the highest quality and does not apart from each other. I have an Polaroid 350 with Cooke triplet and I found that lens is seeing better than what eye sees.
Dont invest in tourist cameras or forgotten technology , look for Zeiss Ikon versions.