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What camera do you think can give you the best image for super cheap?
There were about a billion cameras sold in the history of 120 film. And used market pricing is all over the map. This thread tells me if you are lucky you might live in a place where there are flea markets, charity stores, and camera shows where there are bargains to be found. I personally checked out some charity stores near me and I didn't find anything of worth. There were certainly some interesting novelties like a Polaroid folder, but nothing I would ever use. Even if I found something that appeared to be in good shape the odds of me knowing what it was lens quality wise is small.

Other people have made some good points about light leak repairs and CLA. The thirty dollar price of admission may be just the start. You also need to figure in the cost of your time and gas driving around looking for these sub $30 bargains. It may make sense to just spend a little more and get what you want mailed to you.

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A Lubitel? You can find those for around $30 on ebay.
I own a Lubitel and you might as well buy a fully automatic Canon film SLR for less than $90 and use it with all your great DSLR glass. The pictures from my 35mm SLR are infinitely better than the images from my Lubitel. And if all you care about is a consumer level Rebel SLR then you certainly can get one of those for <$30 on ebay. I just figured an extra $60 get's me top of the line prosumer so why not? A $35mm SLR that works with my lenses for my DLSR is my benchmark. If I am not getting overall better results then why would I pay more for film and hassle with a complex contraption? If you just like those kinds of cameras be my guest, but if we are just talking image quality something like a Lubitel is illogical.

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Film is not cheap for one and developing is hard to find and expensive.
About $1.50 at Sam's Club to develop 36 exp roll of C-41 with no prints.

Less than $0.90 to develop a roll of C-41 120 film through Walmart's send out service, again no prints.

B&W costs pennies to develop yourself at the kitchen table... wouldn't even pay anyone to do this for me.

At a certain point we have to be realistic. The people we ask to develop our film have to eat too. Tossing them less than a wrinkled dollar bill is not unreasonable.