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I also have some color slides I want to print in B&W. I have a few nice macro lenses but don't have the bellows and slide holder so I have not tried the method you describe. What I was going to do is use equipment I already have. I am planning on projection printing the negatives onto my usual panchromatic 4x5 sheet film under my enlarger. I think that will give a much better result.
I'm sure you can get razor-sharp grain on all 4 corners of a 4x5" print with your 35mm enlarger. Do the same but use film instead of paper. That will give you a very high quality 4x5 negative to print. And you know you can make a good print from a 4x5 negative. You have a 4x5 enlarger, right? If not you should with 2664 posts !
I have made B&W copies from slides using an enlager with a 35mm slide holder, in the old days Kodak made film for just this purpose. In todays world I would use Tmax or Delta 100 . My enlarger timer will time in 1/10 of a seconds so by stopping down to F 16 or 22 should be able to run a test strip with one sheet of film to find your times.