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I don't know the 5D2 but my Nikon D5000 refuses to provide a meter reading at a light level below EV 0 (at ISO 100). This is irrespective of the aperture and ISO settings - it's just the meter sensitivity threshold, so setting ISO 800 and f/1.4 won't help! I just gave 1 minute at f/8 as an example to illustrate what sort of light level this is as I quite often shoot in light levels like this (and then sometimes I find myself using the SBC to calculate the exposure for my DSLR!).
Ah, I see! I should check the EV levels the next time I meter in these kinds of situations. However, I do know for a fact that I have successfully metered in situations where I have a stacked ND400 + ND8 and I'm metering at 30 sec (maximum on 5Kmk2 Aperture Priority mode) near the maximum aperture of whatever lens I have on there (F2.8~F4), so I believe it can handle a scene with a little less light than what you are describing.

So the Gossen LunaPro SBC, I see on the dial here for EVs down to -8... is that how dark the scene could be for this light meter to still meter accurately??

That's pretty amazing....