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I was out for eats and drinks at a local jazz place the other night and all around me folks are whipping out their smart phone, taking photos and doing whatever they do with 'em after that.

Nobody gives this kind of activity a second thought these days...

so why is it that every time I pull out a camera, I get at least one, usually several people standing around staring at me and asking dumb stuff like,

"What kinda camera is that?"
"can you still get film for that?"
"how many mega pixels is that?"
"Is that black and white?"

and the one I really dislike....

"Why would you use that?"

Why can't people just leave me the F&%^$ alone and let me photograph stuff like all the iPhone wielding people?
Brad, do you have something specifically against Apple and its iPhone, or don't you realize that the majority of "smart" phones sold are Android platform? Your complaint about the smart phone culture is well placed, but targetting specifically Apple without mentioning Samsung, et al, is simply unfair.

And no, I don't own a smart phone myself.