More light to shed! I was reading and writing when the last post was made with the PDF file.

Where did it come from? What publication?

Now, on to tests.

For grain we ran RMSG (Root Mean Square Grain) tests in which a microdensitometer read density at every step in a step wedge. The "noise" was grain and was plotted as a function of grain vs the original step wedge densities. AFAIK, Kodak has never published any of these plots.

The sharpness is measured by making X-ray and white light exposures with 1000mm, 100mm, 10mm and 1mm apertures at varying densities and then plotting the result in frequency. These are posted on the Kodak web site. We did both negative and positive imaging to show flair and fill. A bright white image flares outward, and a black image with a while surround is filled in. I have charts for both here to run tests when I get a good HD developer.

X-Ray and white light were used to show the effects of turbidity in the coating.

Hope this helps too.