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Brad, do you have something specifically against Apple and its iPhone, or don't you realize that the majority of "smart" phones sold are Android platform? Your complaint about the smart phone culture is well placed, but targetting specifically Apple without mentioning Samsung, et al, is simply unfair.

And no, I don't own a smart phone myself.

I guess my complaint is not about any technology (regardless of market share) but rather, my complaint is about people and their behavior.

and, no, I do not believe that the technology has necessarily caused the behaviour. In other words, I still believe that one can own and use a given technology without the technology displacing one's culture. I think it possible to own and use a smartphone without letting it get in the way of normal human face-to-face interaction. Unfortunately, possession of a smartphone, for many, separates them from their humanity. I see high school kids walking to school in a group...none of them are talkingt to one another nor even looking at each other...they're all staring down at the little smartphone..texting (maybe even texting each other), or doing whatever they do...same thing happened the other night at the jazz lounge...a bunch of adults all sitting together but, all intently interacting with the technology instead of with one another...