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I think you're onto something. I have been buying too many old film cameras rececntly and I am astounded how cheap Minoltas are -- some old, some newer. I have a couple of bodies that are not so hot and some that are as sweet a film camera as you would ever want.
I bought a Nikon F70 body the other day, in nice condition, for $20. I remember buying one of these new in the 1990s and paying over $500. Ouch. But Minoltas are even cheaper.
I wonder if Minolta just don't get no respect these days, or what?
When I bought my first Auto Focus SLR back in the early 90's, I really wanted to buy a Minolta 700si - but I simply couldn't afford it. In the end, I bought a 303si Super (Japanese variant - basically a 500si Super). From memory, the 700si body was around a grand back then.

About 5 years ago, an aquantance (not even a friend) found out I was into film camera's and new that I had Minolta's. He GAVE me his in excellent condition 700si (+ a 5xi to boot), with battery grip and a handful of those silly cards you could put in them.

I don't think its just Minolta though. Look for any consumer level Canon or Pentax from the late 80's through to the late 90's - its the same deal. There are still some good value Minolta's available (like the last model 7 and 9).