Baking Powder - sodium bicarbonate - would be useful as a fire extinguisher in a kitchen.

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide would probably be best, but don't use it on a
"paper" fire ---

One word of advice - We had a small fire in a company where I worked (I was a Lieutenant on the in-house Fire Department), and one of the technicians grabbed one of the larger CO2 extinguishers, pulled the pin, quickly squeezed the handle --- and was so startled by the noise of the escaping CO2 (which is considerable) that he reflexively threw the extinguisher away. It flew across the room, with very little effect.

That led us to think - how few of us had EVER used ANY of the extinguishers....

We finally had the local Municipal Fire Department giving us classes - hands on - the various types of extinguishers and the proper techniques of their use.

Anyone having a CO2 extinguisher SHOULD try it a couple of times, just to understand what it sounds like.