I attach my sketch of results from "Controls in Black and White Photography" by R.Henry p240, for Tri-X Pan film in Beutler developer, indicating how density of a print from film exposed under a knife edge varies with distance.The slope of the line indicated gives a numerical value for the acutance.The adjacency effect is shown as a drop in density that extends over some distance from the knife edge.
Dr Henry says:

"Since it is admitted that the sense of sharpness depends not only on acutance but also on adjacency effects,either the formula for acutance should be changed somehow or other to include the edge effects or or a new term should be introduced to include both"

I don't think this was ever done, and it is unlikely that Altman and Henn could have solved this problem.
Modern tabular grain grain films have a very high acutance as defined by the slope of the line but little adjacency effect.
Old type films had lower acutance as so defined but showed more adjacency effect.