Firstly, let me say I *Love* the look of this film, super sharp, a unique but not overly-glowy IR effect, just stunning in 120. In fact, I have zero issues with it in 120 and will gladly continue to use it.

But the 4x5 version, it has SO much potential in that size with the already tight grain. But it is so damn thin I just can not get a handle on it, a pain to load, a pain to process, a pain in general. After shooting about 100 sheets of it in the past 9 months, I have about had it, really wish Ilford would make SFX in 4x5 with a nice sturdy Delta-100 like base.

Is anyone having decent luck with this film in 4x5? I wish it were easier, but at least I can shoot it in 120 via my 6x12 back and my Blad, other than that, I think I am done with it in 4x5.

Just venting...