Bruce Osgood asked about Delta 100. I'm done testing it, and it works fine in D316. I suggest 13.5 minutes at 20C.

Delta 100 was interesting because, unlike all other developers I've tested, Ilford evidently did not use the ISO method of determining speed. If they had, the speed would be at least 200 and the darker shadows would be nearly black and indistinct. That's because this film has a long toe, and at the ISO speed point of 0.1 above B+F, the slope of the density-curve is still too low. I've been measuring contrasts using ISO speed points, and got odd results with Delta 100 until I figured out what was going on.

I've tested all major-brand films in production except Delta 3200 (that will be this weekend), and all work fine in D316. I'll post a long report detailing each film when I finish reviewing results and checking grain and sharpness.

Mark Overton