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"Aiming the meter at the light source would not be a solution neither since the light the subject will refelct will be different."

Maybe I misunderstood-) But he seems worried about reflection.
Eh... somewhat. Not in the traditional sense of the black cat on the pile of coal and reflected reading. The problem with incident readings (flash or not) arises in backlit situations. Typically, one points the dome in the direction of the lens to take a reading that accounts for main light/fill lights etc that are roughly on the camera side of the subject. With the backlit (sunset, say), the incident reading becomes very tricky - where do you point the dome? Camera or light? That will make a huge difference, and is why I believe people invented spot metering flash meters!

In short, I don't think the trouble was with the reflectance of the subject, but how to measure the light falling on it.

PS: Oh, forgot... the Sekonic 308 is a great and very portable little meter. But the "spot" for reflected readings is something like 15 degrees, so don't expect it to do what it wasn't designed for. (Sold mine, and now might buy one back for portability reasons :rolleyes: )