I have a Hanna pen type meter I bought through amazon and it works OK. It cost about $35. I normally have to calibrate it before using it if I want any accuracy.

Before I realized that the electrode needed to be stored in a solution (the instructions weren't very clear about it), I had put cotton soaked in storage solution in the little plastic cap that came on the end of the electrode. Before long it started giving crazy readings. Now I have it stored in 3M (I think - been awhile since I made it up) KCl. After a week or so stored in the KCl the meter recovered nicely and has worked reasonably well ever since.

Here's something I have found that works well for keeping all my pH, REs and ISE electrodes. Take an empty prescription pill bottle, you know the amber kind with the "childproof" lid. Cut a hole in the lid with a hobby knife or even a drill just large enough to put the electrode through. Fill the bottle with the storage solution, put the cap on the bottle and the electrode through the hole in the cap. You can use a clothes pin to hold up the electrode if you don't want it to touch bottom. I find that this keeps the solutions from evaporating quite well and the amber "filter" made by the color of the bottle will even serve to protect light sensitive electrodes for some time. My silver bromide ISE will stay conditioned for several weeks this way. And, it gives you something to do with all the empty bottles. I haven't tried it but I imagine a 35mm film can would accomplish the same purpose.