Heheh, well, I like some semblance of precision (it's an obsessive/compulsive leftover from an engineering career) and I now own three d!git@l cameras as well as a small gaggle of light meters. But here's one consideration, the whiz-bang super cameras will happily choose fractional f-stops and shutter speeds I won't find on my SQ-A or Perkeo II, etc. I suppose on at least one camera that could be partially worked around with aperture or shutter priority, but there's another complication.

I have two meters that I currently use; a Gossen Digisix which does incident and reflected measurements and is less than half the bulk of a typical computer mouse; e.g., a hell of a lot smaller than my EOS40D, even without a lens. You set a ring to the EV reading and can then read a dozen or more speed/aperture combinations at a glance. There is a flash metering version of the Digisix, but I shoot flash about 3 shots a year! I also have a Sekonic L508 which does 1 - 4 spot, incident (and flash), that's more of a handful, although light. I wouldn't give up either of those meters. And I can't recall ever using an alternate technology camera as a meter, I find it too cumbersome waving two cameras around at once! (But that's me)