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Something's wrong then. I regularly shoot TMZ and Delta 3200 in 35mm (TMZ) and 120 (D3200) at 3200 and even, for TMZ, 6400. It's grainy yes but it certainly doesn't obscure the subject.

For some photos I LIKE grain. For other times and subjects, there's other films. Besides, films like TMZ and D3200 allow you to get the picture when the choices are a grainy photo or no photo (or a digital one, horrors!) Heck D3200 at 3200 in 120 sizes isn't even very grainy. It's reminiscent of old style Tri-X in 35mm.
Sadly digital has surpassed film in the high ISO capability vs grain. It's actually quite amazing what you can capture on non-film. At 6400 it's certainly a lower grain. I would post an example if I were allowed. Umm my website with the girl eating fire with her chest highlighted by the fire, that's at 5000 ISO www.stonenyc.com it's under the model section. (Please don't criticize the site it's been 2 years since I updated it). If anyone wanted to see. The newer version of my camera is even better at low ISO's.

Just gong with what he said about digital, it's a horror that it does so well in low light hahaha!

Sometimes I feel like you lose all the artistic lighting and the challenge and skill of photography when everything is so easy... But then it's also nice to get the shot...


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