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hey stone

FB has claimed rights to everything posted to FB since it started ..
text images, your likeness+profile picture .. you name it, why would instagram be any different ?

the purchase it just allows people in the buying consortium to use res-down and ohter kokak technology
without worry of being sued, or having to do a work around to make it look like
it isn't the same thing when it is, and having lawyers get rich arguing about it.
Because FB isn't REALLY a business platform, it's trying to be but it sucks, Instagram is a very viable business platform for photographers, I have gotten more jobs from IG users who have seen my work on there and have more followers than anywhere else.

Also in the back system, they may be retaining the original high Rez file, so they could sell that too.

And the issue is that IG was specifically known to NOT be retaining rights to others photos which is why people liked it... Now that they are changing the policy, it's ruined a great portal for image expression.

I also specifically don't put many images on FB as I don't think anyone but me should profit from MY images without at least getting a sizable cut of the profits.


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