I have a 1967 Spottie. In the almost 25 years I've had it, it's never been serviced, though it has, in the last few weeks, come down with what appears to be a bad metering cell (a CdS cell close to 40 years old failed -- must be a bad design, right?). The shutter, mirror, etc. still work perfectly, though my two Ricoh Singlex II bodies (almost ten years newer, with metal shutters) are both in a failed state with different failures. I've never found stop-down metering a big deal -- never used a camera with TTL that didn't require stop-down, so know no other way (and honestly, I don't even meter all the time, I often just set the exposure by Sunny 16 so I don't have to mess with metering). About the only thing I wish for on my Spottie is a hot shoe.