Here is a black leather 4x5 format Polaroid 110B/900 version.

Where are you going to find one like this? This camera has the rare Schneider 135mm f3.8 Press-Xenar lens.

Fully calibrated to the rangefinder, great clean glass with no problems in a Copal No1 shutter.

Takes ANY film holder intended for a 4x5 format camera.

The camera folds completely with no need to unscrew or remove any part of the lens.

$1200.00 + shipping

Payment by means of Check or Money Order preferred, direct bank deposit, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer

Credit card use is at my sole discretion, approval of credit card use is at my sole discretion, if approved shipping address and billing address must match, shipping cost will be a bit higher for credit card transactions because of the more stringent documentation (Signature proof of delivery, return receipt requested) Shipping fully insured and signed for.

Please respect the fact that I do not use PayPaI and no longer have a PayPal account.

We could use Google Checkout but only for U.S.A and Canada residents, Not really able to process foreign credit card transactions, would need ID and banking documents sent to me proving residence, Identity, bank account, signatures, I don't really think you would want to do all that so Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer may be more preferable, Don't worry we can work something out.

Need this item(s) really fast or soon, I will work with you.

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Once someone has agreed to purchase I require the buyer to email me a tracking number for payments arriving by mail, send mailed payments by Priority Mail with a tracking number otherwise I have to consider the item as unsold and will sell it to someone else, I have unfortunately had people say they are sending payment and nothing happens, they won't answer emails, these are very irresponsible people, lots of people claim they were in the hospital about a week later if they respond at all, Come on, Yeah Right!

I am here to conduct good honest business and only want to do business with like minded buyers.