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What gives? Dust can be controlled with any format. Same rules, just different amts of surface area.
120 roll film is probably the worst because it's relatively flimsy and generally made on acetate. But the less the magnification, the less the dust and blemishes themselves show. So in this respect, the larger the format, the better.
What gives is that unlike medium format, the film it self is exposed to more handling and had proven to be very problematic for me in terms of dust. Even my 6x12 backs are a breeze compared to sheet film. Maybe we live in different climates Drew, I took my 4x5 skiing twice today, once this morning at sunrise, -18F and again just now at 14F. Your insights are very valuable Drew, but they do not diminish my daily experience.

And for what it is worth, I did not get into 4x5 to make the same size prints with less magnification, I got into it because I need to be able to make much larger prints.