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In reality it can be very fast and simple, I often stick my arm out the door of the car... Hold the incident dome in the direction for a reading and take one reading and use it for the whole shoot. Other times I will use spot, read shadow and take that reading (placed on Zone II). So the choice of Spot and Incident is very practical and gives you two fast options.
I use that very technique. I walk out the door with a folding camera and my little Sekonic, slide the dome in place, take my incident reading, and that is the "reading" unless things change drastically. If the subject is in the shade I drop two stops, maybe three if it is real deep shade. If I am out for a long walk I may double check along the way but it rarely changes much. Usually it works great and when I develop my film it all comes out with the same exposure. Of course, if it is wrong...it is all wrong!