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Not a projection printing problem. That problem has no relation to the format, enlarger, carrier, darkroom dust control (unless you load you holders in the darkroom), head type, etc in printing. Please do not blame it on projection printing! Vacuum your film holders!!!
I think one of the worst parts about these forums is that people assume I am doing it all wrong and they are all right. What people don't realize is that I have spent not hours but full days researching this issue and have taken extraordinary measures to control dust, including using individual anti-static bags for each holder. In fact, I am willing to bet that I do a lot more than most to control dust.

All but two of the pros I have contacted who shoot LF said that they are much happier scanning their film and using other than darkroom prints directly from the negs, even if it means getting rid of the dust in post and then outputting to an LVT for wet printing. These are people I have talked to on the phone like John Fielder, Jack Dykinga and others at that level.

I am not blaming anything on projection printing, I am just warning the guy, dust on the film pre-epxosure can be a *very* problematic thing if you want to wet print. If you scan, it's easily correctable.