Plenty of people have gotten dermatitis from metol. Plain ole stop bath can get to your lungs, esp if
you are diluting it down grom glacial acetic without good ventilation. I work in an industry where everyone used to "tough it" with respect to chemicals - lots of them aren't around any more at my age! No excuse in this day and day to plead ignorance or not have a box of disposable gloves around. And digital - well, in mfg of course. Silicon Valley has a gigantic toxic groundwater problem
right now. But in printing use, yeah ... enough exposure to glycol fumes and you can indeed get
sensitized. Inkjet ink is fulla them. And I wouldn't make a habit of drying big inkjet prints in an unventilated room. They're steadily being phased even out of housepaints. Not an ingredient to panic
about by any means. Eating potato chips every day is probably more hazardous. But yeah, I know
folks who have gotten seriously sensitized to low levels of glycols year after year.