That's part of the problem ... things which are officially nontoxic can become sensitizers which are
potentially very serious, even leading to potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. I see this esp with
people who work with epoxy and polyester resins (if they actually outlive the carcinogens, that is!).
The other big problem is that all these things are hypothetically tested EPA or FDA or whatever
individually, and obviously not in all the jillions of ways they can potentially interact. So downwind
from our refineries in this area the same cities are getting residential water from rivers flowing thru
pesticide-laden farmlands, and the cumulative effect per cancer rates is significantly in excess of
what the isolated ingredient hazard would seem to be. Plain lung irritation can be another issue. I
always hate to color print if there are common colds going around. No matter how careful I am,
I'm just way more susceptible if my lungs are a little irritated, whether from a bit of color bleach,
or from some neighbor illegally burning salvaged lumber in their fireplace. I must be doing something
right, cause I haven't taken a sick day from work in over three years, though I've had a few minor
colds. (will keep my fingers crossed)