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Ok, I see the point you were trying to make. But dust on the film during exposure is an issue with EVERY sheet film size not just 4x5. Spotting prints is a learned art.
Don't worry IC, you are still on my go to list...:-)

Actually, it has really not been a problem with any other format. Example, I just souped two rolls of 120 shot in my 6x12 back using the 4x5 today, perfect, no dust. And yes, spotting is a part of printing, but it is the black spots left on the paper by the clear holes on the neg that are a pain, you either have to spot the neg or bleach the print.

Sometimes I just want to go back to MF where I know for a fact I can produce. But I am going to stick it out..it's been a horribly dry year. I load my film in the bathroom after a run the hot shower for a few, it's humid-ish....