While shifting could show a better correlation between two processes, I think most of us would view a loss of film speed to be a disadvantage.

As an aside, I wonder if anyone could offer an opinion on this: I'm interested in mixing up the simple formula in post 355, on the spot, and without propylene glycol. How long would it last after mixing? I'm thinking of a big day of film development, mixing the dev in the morning and going all day.

Also, since the vendor of my sodium metaborate (Vanbar in Melbourne Australia) have not been able to tell me which level of hydration it is, and since I don't own a pH meter, would good pH papers be enough to get the amount of metaborate right? I envisage mixing it assuming the least level of hydration then adding metaborate if pH is too low. I have some Microfine pH paper for the range 7.9 to 9.7.