Is this an ad? Very much a collectors item for devotees of the photographer - and I'd guess of more interest to academically oriented aesthetes, non-photographers.
I'm sure most here would more likely buy several individual monographs, if that kind of cash was lying around.

My hypothetical Christmas list in that respect:

1. Mark Power - 26 Different Endings (40)
2. Jem Southam - The River Winter (40)
3. Viviane Sassen - Parasomnia (25)
4. Paul Strand - Un Paese: Portrait of an Italian Village (40)
5. Walker Evans - American Photographs (20)
6. Seduced By Art: Photography Past and Present (30)
7. Mark Steinmetz - South Central (140)
8. Eliot Porter - In the Realm of Nature (30)
9. Sense of Place: European Landscape Photography (30)
10. Darren Almond - Nocturne (45)

Total = 440

Some of those books are also destined to become classics, the Steinmetz and Sassen in particular would be a worthwhile investment, the Paul Strand book is a rarity.