Gosh, Ron ... two of the biggest color lab owners in this metropolitan area were put out of business,
not because it wasn't profitable back then, but because they had gotten so sensitized to color chemsitry they couldn't even walk into their own labs anymore. One of them would instantly break out in hives. And a third lab owner had to avoid any section of his lab doing RA4. These reactions were just like the amine sensitization epoxy workers develop. I know one guy who boasted how the stuff was harmless because it hadn't done a thing to him in over twenty years of mfg. Now he can't
even TOUCH an old baked enamel desk (allegedly totally inert) without anaphylactic shock. Lot of
color chemistry contains amines too. I'm just waiting till someone in the commercial inkjet crowd comes down with sensitivity to glycols. It happens in the paint industry. Might take quite awhile,
but it will happen. I bought a new ultralight backpacking tent two years ago and knew it would have
an excess of phalates, so aired it out well two weeks in advance. But then I got caught in snowstorms every day, so spent a fair amt of time in it. The fumes had largely outgassed, but my
hands had rash all over them, and anywhere else skin had made contact. This summer it wasn't so
bad, but I was reallly careful about skin contact.