Haist devotes an entire chapter to monobaths for papers and gives several formulas. I picked the following one since it contains no exotic ingredients. It was designed for machine processing where the paper is not agitated in the solution for the first 45 sec to insure good contrast and blacks. Then the paper is agitated constantly for 15 sec to insure proper fixing, after which it is washed. It seems this can be easily done without resorting to a machine. As with all monobaths some tinkering may be needed with the formula for the particular paper used.

Roman Monobath For Papers

Sodium carbonate 30 g
Sodium sulfite 20 g
Ascorbic acid 10 g
Phenidone 1g
Potassium bromide 1 g
Sodium thiosulfate25 g
5-Phenyl-1-mercaptotetrazole 0.05 g
Water to make 1l

R. A. Roman, U. S. Pat. 110,595 (1963)