As someone respected for your knowledge, Ron, I think you're response to very well documented
hazards is a bit reckless. Just because you got away with it doesn't mean you will continue to do so,
or that someone else will have the same luck. The fact that all sorts of household things have pretty
bad things outgassing from them doesn't exempt the darkroom from common safety concerns. Entire
cities around here are beginning to ban plywood containing formaldehyde. Plasticizers are everywhere, but are esp noxious in some Chinese imports. But your argument would seem to be,
since the child is going to be poisoned chewing on the lead paint on the Chinese toy, why worry about blasting ant spray around the house. I've knows WAY more than my fair share of people,
including a lot of wannabee artistes, who got careless and are now either terribly sick or are simply
no more. I know of entire factories I complained to about certain chemical abuses a couple decades
ago where every single employee is now dead, prematurely from cancer. None of this is going to
scare me from color printing, much less black and white, but it does justify routine common sense
procedure to protect my skin, eyes, and lungs.