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I love Tech Pan and used it exclusively for some projects back in the day. A few years ago I went through a big acquisition stage and bought up as much as I could find at the time, at least 7 or 8 bulk rolls, 60+ rolls of 120, some 4x5, and probably 30-40 boxes of Tecnhidol, just as that was getting closed out. I still buy it in 120 and 4x5 when I find it and the price is right. I also still look for HIE in 4x5 (or 120) and pick that up when I can, it has a unique look.
At this point are you getting some rotten/fogged/etc film? I only own a few rolls (2 120 and about 8 135's) and out of those only ONE of the 120's I am positive was stored frozen since new and also happens to be the last batch in the new box.

I'm wondering how bad my other rolls will be... the 35's are certainly a much older batch. Yes I know lots of it was from the same "discovered" ginormous roll but that was in deep freeze so not prone to much aging.