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I completely agree with everything you said, film has this elegant quality that digital just can't match, except the switching to 35mm in D3200, I've just found there's WAY too much grain when shooting at EI 3200, it's just a mess, 120 it's fine but 135 just doesn't have enough surface area... I like grain, but as stated above, I don't like looking at my images that look like George's paintings haha.
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TMax 3200 is a gorgeous film. It prints kind of like old Tri-X in its glorious tonality, and the grain looks fantastic in big prints. I am extremely sad to see it go.
I agree with Thomas, though I've also had great results from D3200 in 120 so I'm not going to write it off in 35mm until I try it.

Here's one from long ago on TMZ that I've always liked, and just uploaded to my Flickr page. This is from 1997. At the time I was active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval group. This was a night time royal court held at an event our group sponsored, and lit solely by torchlight. I shot this on TMZ at 6400, developed in T-Max developer per the instructions for 12.5k. I was doing color printing too at the time and got an idea so I tried printing this outdoor torch scene on RA4 paper and filtered for this color. It almost looks like a very low light color shot. The grain is certainly there (this is a scan form the 8x10 print - and I made the King and Queen an 11x14 and presented it as a gift at a later court) but I don't think it hurts it at all:

SCACOURT by Roger Cole, on Flickr

I don't remember the exposure for sure but I do recall I was shooting off a tripod with my Vivitar 28-105 Series 1 wide open. It's an f/2.8 lens at 28mm and 3.5 at 105 and this was probably around 35-40mm or so. I THINK it was about 1/8th. Yeah, it was that dim.