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It's not utterly ridiculous in 4x5 (nothing like Kodak C41!) B&H has Acros for $45.95 for 20 sheets - $2.30 a sheet. Since you say you like Delta 100, it's $32.95 for 20 sheets, $1.65 per sheet, or $104.11 for 100 sheets, $1.04 per sheet. Quite a difference if you buy the big box of Delta, not as bad (but still significantly more) compared to the similar sized box of Delta.

FP4+ is $28.95/25 or $101.18/100
and TMX is $82.95 for 50 sheets, which is actually still slightly less than the Acros but close enough to being the same price.
No I meant I don't own a 4x5 field camera... I have 2 packs of 4x5 film and a lens and some backs, but no body... That's what I mean :/


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