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Some like it though Gerald and don't want to use Photoshop, it's a gimmick and I'd agree detracts from the image.

I talked it over with a friend, how we have this disagreement about print borders.

My friend commented that in common, we all have high regard for the continuous tone printed image.

With this perspective, I acknowledge we can't accept the other position for ourselves. But I don't mind explaining myself - so ChristopherCoy, you can see both sides and make a decision for yourself.

Black borders are a constraint which makes my portfolio consistent since I started doing it. Consistent in the sense that I was all over the place before - and now I have made a decision. I tried borderless, 1/4-inch borders, 1/2-inch borders, full frame but with sharp borders... I want to make the "largest" prints possible on the paper, but I want some border to protect the image from dog-ears.

Second-best, I like wide clean borders. But my urge to "show everything" pushed me to illogical uneven borders. Something like 1-inch top and bottom and 3/8-inch left and right from 35mm on 11x14. Still it looks nice, but I didn't stick to any particular measure.

Limitations I acknowledge, but accept...

These creative, image improving measures are taken away from you if you do black borders: Flashing (pictorial dramatic flashing of corners). Cropping (omitting the image elements on negative that do not contribute to the image).

This problem is exacerbated: Flare (the white light all around the image adds flare almost as badly as taking a picture into the light)