I think the lack of response here says it all....

I feel for you sir, this is a bigger problem for emerging serious printers than a lot on these forums realize.

I think the window of opportunity for picking up truly pro level multigrade printing equipment was from about 2006-2009, it seems as though the equipment has disappeared and the prices of what the eBay scum have are through the roof.

I gave up on the Ilford H series and and am now looking for what people tell me is in abundance and dirt cheap, Beseler color heads like the 45S or even the 45 computer controlled. I have been looking for a bit, searched Craigslist, put up ads here and Large Format Forum and come up totally empty handed thus far.....I still hold hope.

I think that unless someone gets into putting together really great turn key pro level multi-grade enlarger kits in the near future, the current crop of what is left out there is going to dry up pretty fast and companies like Ilford will wonder what in the hell happened to that great upswing if not steady record of film and paper sales.

As a person who wants to spend the rest of his life making a living off of creating exceptional fine art prints, I view this as a really big problem for the long term.