the thing is in many areas it is not legal to pour a lot of things down the drain.
it is best to find out from the local authorities what is and is not allowed down the pipes.
i agree 100% with dr5chrome ..
whether it screwed up your septic system or not, it is not the best idea to pour photochemicals down the drain.
where i live there is a stream and the bay behind me, and it was 50years worth of septic systems
before they hooked as many people up on sewer as they could ( it will be mandated soon )
because even though the leech fields work OK, they still mess with the environment ...

if there is a school nearby that has a darkroom class, if there is a mini lab nearby, if your town or city has a haz waste recycling day
if you dehydrate everything and evap the water out of it and then haz waste it, they are all good choices,
pouring things down the drain is not a good good choice, and if toners are used, even a worse idea ..
i'm more than happy to help someone purchase silver recovery stuff from me, but im just as happy to hear that someone
has done something else to reduce their toxic footprint when they use photochemicals.

have a nice 2013