Having told me they liked the image, I've just had an old digital photograph made as a C Type. I'm not happy with it, you might be glad to hear. It's very close to the screen version in terms of contrast and colour, but there's still something off about it. I'm also surprised at the lack of detail in the print. Looks no different than an inkjet to me.

The situation now is that I have a nice 12x16" frame with nothing to put in it.

Recently, I've culled a great deal of my black and white negs and I'm having a hard time selecting something to print. Most of the negatives I do have are too new, if you understand me - I'm still weighing them up.
I'd like to play around with some older images, perhaps printing selective parts of negatives - enlarging to the point of abstraction maybe. I'm considering a triptych, made in the manner of selecting rectangular cross sections of several negs. An interesting photogram isn't out of the question either and the shear simplicity of this appeals to me. Ideally something nuanced and 'airy', as opposed to blocks of white.

The couple this will be for aren't photography connoisseurs and the digital picture they liked was colour and very... 'pretty'. I've moved away from making decorative pictures and would like to give them something photographically unique, something that will impress them.

I'm just wondering if there's any other experimenting I can do with standard developer and paper? Crazy suggestions welcome - I'm trying to think out of the box for this.