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Hello everyone!

I have been looking for months for the two enlargers mentioned above, so far, I had no luck picking them at the flea market price, which means under 500 USD

I envy so much the guys who walked on the streets and just saw them on estate sales, so far it seems to me that's how everyone got them!

But I got only offers from SDS and ebay sellers who wants my skin for them, I'm talking about 1500 USD with no carrier, no lens board, probably no controller. SDS wants 2100 GBP for ilford 600 + de vere 504. I got really very, very tired.

Please anyone wants to help? I searched on ebay night and day looking for deals, while there are only bad deals.

After the world ends in 2012, I will begin a new life as an active artist who prints and also teaches how to print. With the new year approaching my need for those two enlargers has become literally an emergency!

Thanks everyone!

Dear Jing,

I am in Berlin, and I have been wanting to march on Paris for a while now. But it would be nothing like the last time. I would be armed only with a Focomat 35 mm, Durst 138, De Vere 5x7, and two De Vere 8x10 enlargers, and in any case, I am an American. What kind of space do you have? Any thoughts? --Joe