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This is my setup for copying film/slides, and to also digitize them. Pentax DSLR, or any other brand DSLR or SLR.
I see you are using a Pentax DSLR+50mm macro+Autobellow+Slide holder which is what I have too. However, I even have to crop less then the visible area of the mounted slide let alone achieve 1:1. I have tried all the possible combinations and cannot achieve focus. Of course I can achieve 1:1 with any of my Pentax 35mm bodies but the only way I have managed to get 1:1 with a DSLR is to use one of my zoom lenses between 70-70mm. Can you tell me what lens you're using to copy slides and are you getting just the cropped area from the mounted slides or 1:1 on a full frame of 35mm film? TIA.