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thanks! That helps a lot. Shoulda said the lens is a Ilex_calumet 210mm f4.8.
The controls i dont know are like a shutter release that says M BLUE F WH X RED with a knurled knob inside the lens next to it.
And a 2pc knob that looks just like what you set the time with on an old watch on the top left of the lens,next to shutter.
The cable release is is a bad spot whoever designed this, its recressed so its hard to screw the release in straight w/o stripping the threads.
will check that website thanks again!
The control that says M BLUE F WH X RED adjusts the flash for flashbulbs or electronic flash. Leave it on X for electronic flash. The other control you ask about may be for opening the shutter for focusing without setting the shutter to T. I'd have to dig into a box of old shutters to refresh an ancient mind as to just how it works.