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Just went through the "Naughty or Nice" list. Seems we are about 8 short so far, half have checked in to let us know what's happening. It would be nice to hear from the last four. Just too let us know you are okay.
Seasons Greetings,

I must admit that I am on the naughty list at the mo, so it looks like a lump of coal for me for Christmas (or, apparently, if they run out, you get an iPhone, which is a bugga. At least you can burn the coal.).

Anyhow, I have not forgotten, but my cards will be sent in the new year. I printed half of them last night, but with Christmas festivities coming up ( and a camping trip as well), I can't see me printing the remainder until the weekend of the 5th (unless I print tonight).

Sorry for the holdup.