Um, I'm not really sure where you guys are looking to get your chemistry for this process but it can easily be obtained through David Lewis' website. Paper, chemistry and even some of the tools commonly used for this process are for sale on his site. Just send him an email: and he'll set you up.

From my experience, the bleach gets exhausted pretty quickly. Not talking about stock, but the diluted form used to bleach the prints. It usually lasted me about 6-8 8x10 prints. But I'm not even sure you're using the same bleaching method I did. I used a combination of 70ml of a 10% copper sulphate solution, 70ml of a 10% potassium bromide solution and 30ml of a 10% potassium dichromate solution. Keep these 3 separate until you need the bleaching step. Then mix into 1 liter of water to complete the bleach.