Long story short - beloved aunt gave me a roll of film last Christmas that had been in her old camera for 40 years, and asked if I could develop to see if there was anything on there. Film came out remarkably well considering I had no idea where to start on development time/temp, although there are no mages of interest. Never did get around to making prints, and in the meantime we have ripped out the darkroom during a basement rehab. I am sure I will be seeing Auntie very soon, and I am equally sure she will ask what was on the roll. I would rather show her prints rather than show her the negs and explain that they are nothing. Would anyone be able to make quick prints of the 7 images on the roll in exchange for a donation to APUG or a charity of your choosing? The negs are around 4 x 6 cm on 127 film. Please PM me and we can work out a reasonable value for me to donate to APUG or the charity of your choice. Thanx!