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Well, *that* was an enabling post. I just pulled the trigger on an M645 outfit from KEH. Didn't realize how inexpensive they'd gotten! It defaults to vertical, but I'll manage.

Yeah, they're pretty affordable. I bought mine on here for $450, which may sound like a lot but included the 80mm 2.8N lens, AE Prism finder, winder grip, and two 120 backs with inserts. I bought a couple more backs, inserts, and one 220 insert because I also have some 220 Optima 400 I got frozen (which works perfectly.) I got a Polaroid back for free from someone on another forum who had bought it for his earlier model 645 thinking it would work - I offered to pay for it. Yes, the image is small, but it's useful for proofing and kind of fun, even though you have to remove the winder grip to use it which makes it kind of a PITA to swap back and forth. Then I picked up the 55mm and 150mm N lenses from B&H. The whole thing adds up to a pretty darned heavy camera bag if I take it all (plus filters, film, cable release etc.) but it's very capable.