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Central is a gem and something I cherish! Anyone comes to the city be sure to check it out. Vivian Maier was a Central customer!
There are a few things I find so sad about Vivian Maier, the first being the obvious that she never had received recognition for her beautiful imagery before her death, the second being if she never showed anyone, and kept things private, either she didn't want people to see because she was afraid of judgement, or she felt the work was personal and didn't want it seen, so now she can't stop others from seeing something she seemed to want to be private. The last is that, I would bet if she had approached the same people who promoted her work and bought images at auction, and tried to sell to them, they wouldn't even have talked to her, and only because they had "found/discovered" the work did they promote it for their own benefit... It all just makes me sad...


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