I am selling the following lenses. The glass on all of these is clean and clear, without fungus, scratches, haze, or oil. There may be some minute dust specks or other microscopic defects found under a magnifying glass, but overall the glass condition is excellent. The SLR lenses have snappy responsive iris actions too and there is no oil on the Elmar iris blades. I can accept a personal check, postal money order, or cash for any item. Thanks!

Collapsible 5cm F3.5 Elmar for Leica screw mount. Coated post war model. Great shape except for some small scratches on the chrome barrel. Very good glass and coatings. This is one of the finer Elmar's I've seen lately - a tremendous lens for use or casual collecting. Sold as shown with substitute front cap and new substitute rear cap. Price: $325 plus insured shipping

Nikkor-H 50mm F2 for Nikon SLR mount. This is a non-AI classic in remarkably good condition. No issues to note. Collectible condition in my opinion and inexpensive. Sold with Nikon front cap and substitute rear cap. Price: $25 plus shipping

Very nice OM mount Adorama 70-210mm F4.5 macro zoom. This is a nimble, interesting Japanese-made lens of high quality. Great condition with no zoom creep. Multicoated. Sold with lens caps. Price: $12 plus shipping