I remember, my last day was THE last day (officially) I was there at Dwayne's, great memories... Most if the boxes I had shot plus the last rolls I had no mailed. I actually think I may have gone out to shoot more around the town just because I had another hour before they closed lol.. Anyway Dan was there and I had him sign my shirt, along with Dwayn and his son, and put it all on the counter. I actually think I sold 10 of these shots (including original slides) to some other photog. I was so broke I had to sell film and some promised future slides just to get enough gas to get home and food to eat... I was that broke...


The Important Ones - Mamiya: 7 II, RZ67 Pro II / Canon: 1V, AE-1 / Kodak: No 1 Pocket Autographic, No 1A Pocket Autographic

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